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AR# 67847

Vivado - Is there a method to add list of source files from a file a Vivado project?


In Vivado, can I add the source files using a list of files such as a filelist.f file?


There is no GUI based method to do this.

A simple solution is to create a Tcl file with a file list and the add_files command.

For example, create a file called filelist.tcl and have the following lines.

add_files -norecurse "./sub3.vhd"\




And then run "source filelist.tcl" from the Vivado Tcl console while the project is open.

Alternatively, you could recursively read each file entry of any file containing locations and names of source files and add them to a project using a "foreach" or "while" Tcl command loop.

AR# 67847
Date 09/23/2016
Status Active
Type General Article
  • Vivado Design Suite
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