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SMPTE SD/HD/3G-SDI LogiCORE IP - XAPP1290 (v1.0) - Why am I not able to properly generate a 3G-SDI Level B output?


When using XAPP1290, all modes (SD, HD, 3G level A, both RX and TX, and 3G level B RX) are working fine, except for the 3G level B Transmitter (TX) of the 3G-SDI IP core for UltraScale which cannot be received by downstream equipment.

If I send a 3G SDI level B signal with a generator into the RX of the core, everything woks without issues.

However, if I send a 3G level B signal from the core and loop it into the RX of the core, the RX locks but does not see a valid 3G level B format.


This is a know issue with the design in XAPP1290 (v1.0).

To send out the correct 3G Level B signal, the SMPTE SD/HD/3G-SDI Core requires tx_ce to be asserted all of the time while the tx_din_rdy is to be asserted every other clock cycle as stated in (PG071).

XAPP1290 v1.0 toggles both tx_ce and tx_din_rdy when level B 3G mode is selected.

The attached files, which will replace xapp1290/srcs/v_smpte_3gsdi_wrapper/kugth_3gsdi/kugth_3gsdi_wrapper.v and xapp1290/srcs/v_smpte_3gsdi_wrapper/kugth_3gsdi_norxedh/kugth_3gsdi_norxedh_wrapper.v will solve the problem with sending 3G-SDI Level B.


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AR# 67907
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