AR# 67913

Vivado 2016.3 Install - Vivado launcher is not found after installing on Ubuntu 16.04 with Unity or KDE Windows manager


I have installed Vivado successfully on my Ubuntu 16.04 system. However, I do not see a shortcut or other option to launch the Vivado tools in the KDE Windows manager. 

The folder 'Xilinx Design Tools' is not found. Unity Windows manager has the same issue.


The Vivado installer creates application launchers that are typically accessible using the 'launch' menu, but in Ubuntu 16.04 KDE the folder 'Xilinx Design Tools' is not found.

With KDE and Unity Windows managers on Ubuntu 16.04, the concept of folders in the start menu is no longer available so the Xilinx install is unable to place the application launcher in the usual manner.

To work around this, you will need to search to find the Xilinx applications through search or the 'lost and found' folder and then create shortcuts as needed.

Additionally, the Xilinx Information Center (XiC) is started in tray mode after installation and would typically be accessible from applications in the tray. This is no longer true in the Ubuntu 16.04 KDE where XiC is not visible.

XiC can now only be accessed by its launcher as with other Vivado applications.

AR# 67913
Date 10/13/2016
Status Active
Type Known Issues