AR# 6821


2.1i Install: Coregen install problems on Y2K HP 10.2 system. (error can't open zipfile..)


Keywords: install, hp, pfs_mount, coregen, zipfile

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
Installing Coregen on Hp 10.2 with the Y2k OS patch yields the following errors:

No Zip files found
error: can't open zipfile [/cdrom/coregen/ip/xilinx/sdivider_v1_0/com/xilinx/ip/sdivider_v1_0/virtex/]
unzip: can't find either /cdrom/coregen/ip/xilinx/sdivider_v1_0/com/xilinx/sdivider_v1_0/virtex/ or
/cdrom/coregen/ip/xilinx/sdivider_v1_0/com/xilinx/sdivider_v1_0/virtex/, so there.


This is a result of long filenames. Use pfs_mount and the problems go away.
Refer to the 'HP Install' section in the Release Notes for further help using
AR# 6821
Date 08/23/2001
Status Archive
Type General Article
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