AR# 68423

2016.4 PetaLinux: TMPDIR is not changing if the PetaLinux project is created without using the -n option in MicroBlaze


The "petalinux-create -t project" command will detect the type of file system for the project location.

If the specified location is on NFS, the "petalinux-create" command will create a project in the location specified and automatically sets the TMPDIR location to /local storage(/tmp).

If the (/tmp) is also on NFS, it will return an error for MicroBlaze.

For example:

petalinux-create -t project -s /home/user/xilinx-kc705-v2016.4-final.bsp 
INFO: Create project: 
 INFO: Projects:
 INFO: * xilinx-kc705-axi-full-2016.4
 INFO: * xilinx-kc705-axi-lite-2016.4
 INFO: has been successfully installed to /<NFS Location>/
 WARNING: Project on NFS mount, trying to relocate TMPDIR to local storage (/tmp)
 WARNING: TMPDIR is changed to /tmp/xilinx-kc705-axi-lite-2016.4-2016.12.15-10.43.52
 INFO: New project successfully created in /<NFS Location>/


Because the TMPDIR is not getting updated for the full design, you have to explicitly set it by selecting the following:

petalinux-config ---> Yocto settings ---> TMPDIR

AR# 68423
Date 12/21/2016
Status Active
Type Known Issues