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DisplayPort Receiver Subsystem v2.0 (Rev 3) - How do I use the DP159 forwarded clock for 1.62 Gbps for Kintex UltraScale parts?


When using the DisplayPort Receiver Subsystem v2.0 (Rev 3), how do I use the DP159 forwarded clock at 1.62 Gbps for Kintex UltraScale parts?



In Kintex UltraScale parts, the DP159 is not used for operation at 1.62 Gbps.  This will be resolved in Vivado 2017.1 and later versions.

There is a software patch that is available that allows the DP159 forwarded clock to be used instead of the 270 MHz on-board reference clock. This will help with training of DisplayPort lane rates at 1.62 Gbps.

Vivado 2016.4 users will need the following patch:

(Xilinx Answer 68685) Patch Updates for the LogiCORE Video PHY Controller Software Driver v1.3



  • This Answer Record refers to the DisplayPort Receiver Subsystem but the changes required are located in the Video PHY Controller drivers.
  • Updates to the application might be needed to specify the DP159 forwarded clock instead of the onboard reference clock.

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