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ISE 14.7 for CentOS / RHEL 6 / Windows 10 VM - Release Notes and Known Issues Master Article


This is the master Answer Record for Known Issues relating to ISE 14.7 on CentOS / RHEL6 / Windows 10 VM.


General Known Issues:

(Xilinx Answer 68233)ISE 14.7 - Xilinx platform USB Cable - Driver ERROR in CentOS machine
(Xilinx Answer 68388)14.7 FPGA Editor - Using FPGA Editor in CentOS 6/RHEL 6
(Xilinx Answer 68434)14.7 SDK - SDK Project Compilation Fails
(Xilinx Answer 68578)ISE 14.7 - MicroBlaze system configurations settings cannot be saved because OK button is not present in CentOS 6 for MicroBlaze configuration window
(Xilinx Answer 69089)ISE 14.7 - WARNING:Security:40/42 License Message
(Xilinx Answer 69090)14.7 SDK - GDB debugger is not working in SDK for PLB based MicroBlaze application project
(Xilinx Answer 69603)ISE S6 VM - SDK breakpoint debug feature does not work if a Digilent USB cable is used to program the board

Machine Requirements/Installation Issues:

(Xilinx Answer 70239)ISE S6 VM - VBoxManage.exe: error: Details: code E_FAIL (0x80004005)
(Xilinx Answer 70240)ISE S6 VM - Accessing the ISE S6 VM on another User account
(Xilinx Answer 70241)ISE S6 VM - Cannot see the bottom of the Xilinx Simulation Library Compilation Wizard window
(Xilinx Answer 70242)ISE S6 VM - Uninstallation process did not remove all files
(Xilinx Answer 70243)ISE S6 VM - Can't enable networking for the ISE VM
(Xilinx Answer 70244)ISE S6 VM - ISE will not launch from shortcuts or from the VirtualBox GUI

Virtual Machine Related Issues:

(Xilinx Answer 70245)ISE S6 VM - Virtual Machine clock issues
(Xilinx Answer 70246)ISE S6 VM - Cannot access the internet from the Virtual Machine
(Xilinx Answer 70247)ISE S6 VM - Project Navigator windows does not resize or maximize properly
(Xilinx Answer 70248)ISE S6 VM - Some files in the shared folder cannot be deleted
(Xilinx Answer 70249)ISE S6 VM - File/Folder deleted from shared folder does not get moved to the Virtual Machine trash
(Xilinx Answer 70250)ISE S6 VM - 'gedit' cannot save files located in the shared folder
(Xilinx Answer 70251)ISE S6 VM - Double clicking on an .xise file will not open the project with Project Navigator

ISE Tools Issues/Limitations:

(Xilinx Answer 70278)ISE S6 VM - SmartXplorer does not work/gets stuck
(Xilinx Answer 70279)ISE S6 VM - ISE project navigator crashed while archiving a project
(Xilinx Answer 70280)ISE S6 VM - The iMPACT option to perform a 'Compact Flash Integrity Check' is not available
(Xilinx Answer 70281)ISE S6 VM - Errors are encountered when opening example projects in PlanAhead
(Xilinx Answer 70282)ISE S6 VM - Links/URLs embedded in PDFs such as IP data sheets, don't open in a browser
(Xilinx Answer 70283)ISE S6 VM - ERROR: NgdBuild: 604 - logical block 'BLOCK_NAME' with type 'TYPE_NAME' could not be resolved
(Xilinx Answer 70284)ISE S6 VM - (project name).xmp does not exist

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