AR# 68605


Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoC - What PHY devices are tested with the Zynq MPSoC GEM controller?


When choosing a PHY device to be interfaced with Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoC devices, it is important to consider the following logistical criteria:


  • Is the PHY device supported with software like U-boot and Linux?
  • Is the PHY tested with Xilinx devices?


Xilinx can only provide assistance for the devices listed as 'Xilinx Tested and Supported'.


Known to Work - These devices are not explicitly tested, but have been known to work.


The following PHY devices have been tested and validated in Xilinx:


PHY Devices Speed u-boot Linux
Marvell 88E1512 10/100/1000 2016.3 2016.3
TI DP83867 RGMII 10/100/1000 2016.3 2016.3
Vitesse VSC8211 10/100/1000 Known to work 2016.3
Realtek RTL8211 10/100/1000 Known to work 2016.3
TI DP83867 SGMII 1000 2016.3 2016.3
AR# 68605
Date 02/17/2017
Status Active
Type General Article
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