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Xilinx Vivado Implementation Solution Center - phys_opt_design Design Assistant


phys_opt_design - Design Assistant

Note: This article is part of the Xilinx Vivado Implementation Solution Center (Xilinx Answer 68350) is available to address all questions related to Vivado Implementation.

Whether you are starting a new design with Vivado Implementation or troubleshooting a problem, use the Vivado Implementation Solution Center to guide you to the right information.


Functionality and Usage:
(Xilinx Answer 53986)2012.x Vivado Timing Closure Suggestion - What is 'phys_opt' command?

Debugging Tips

High Frequency Issues & Design Advisories:

(Xilinx Answer 68081)UltraScale FPGA Gen3 Integrated Block for PCI Express (Vivado 2016.3) - ERROR: [DRC 23-20] Rule violation (HDTC-6) Non-stage-one logic illegally placed - Non-stage-one logic
(Xilinx Answer 68571)2015.4 Vivado - Phys_opt_design inverts ENBWREN of RAMB36E1 connection, causing BRAM function error.
AR# 68690
Date 04/06/2017
Status Active
Type Solution Center
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