AR# 6871


3.1i Webpack JTAG Programmer- Error parsing 'isp9500.def'


Keywords: Webpack, JTAG Programmer, basut, isp9500.def, program, terminated, supported

Urgency: Standard

General Description: When attempting to perform JTAG operations on your device using
the WEBPACK JTAG Programmer, a error similar to this occurs-

ERROR:JTag - Error parsing 'isp9500.def' file at line 734: syntax error



Webpack's JTAG Programmer is not creating a shell with the proper Xilinx environment settings prior to starting the software.

The current workaround is that the user will need to set the XILINX and PATH
environment variables to point to Webpack before invoking JTAG.

Set Xilinx=c:\xilinx_cpld
set PATH=c:\xilinx_cpld\bin\nt; . . .


If the User also has Foundation installed on the same PC, the user could write a simple DOS batch script that sets the variables. Start with a copy of Xilinx_CPLD\Webpack_setup.bat and add the JTAG invocation command "jtagpgmr".

To invoke, open a DOS window and run the script instead of running the JTAG Programmer process under Project Navigator. This will save the user from having to switch the environment back and forth.
AR# 6871
Date 08/23/2002
Status Archive
Type General Article
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