AR# 68781

LogiCORE Video PHY Controller v2.0 (Rev. 4) - HDMI Transmitter (TX) Subsystem v2.0 (Rev. 3) - Why does it takes a long time to get the XVPHY_INTR_TXALIGNDONE event?


When using the LogiCORE Video PHY Controller v2.0 (Rev. 4) with the HDMI Transmitter (TX) Subsystem v2.0 (Rev. 3), the Video PHY Controller intermittently gets stuck in the TX Phase Alignment, and it can take up to 10 minutes before I get the XVPHY_INTR_TXALIGNDONE event.


This is a known issue that will be resolved by an update to the Video PHY Controller driver in Vivado 2017.1.

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AR# 68781
Date 03/02/2017
Status Active
Type General Article