AR# 6887


7.1i CPLD Pin2UCF - What does "B:" or "S:" indicate in my UCF file?


General Description:  

What does "B:" or "S:" represent in the following lines from a UCF file?  


NET "input1" LOC = "S: PIN3";  

NET "input2" LOC = "B: PIN4"; 


This was generated by the Xilinx design tools when I performed a "Lock Device Pins" process. 


The usual syntax is: 

NET "input1" LOC = P3; 


I cannot find a reference to "S: PINnn" or "B: PINnn" (where nn stands for number) in the Libraries Guide.


These two options are generated by Pin2UCF for Xilinx CPLD families only. 


"S:" is used before the pin locks to ensure that the CPLD fitter optimizes feedback the same way each time, and provides consistent timing results after subsequent re-fits.  


"B:" is used before the pin locks to indicate that this signal is buffered and should remain so to ensure successful fitting for subsequent implementations.

AR# 6887
Date 05/14/2014
Status Archive
Type General Article
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