AR# 68987


SDK - CPU1 in reset, APB AP transaction error, DAP status f0000021


The XSDB loses connection with the DAP while debugging through the code when CPU1 is held in reset during runtime using SLCR registers.



The System Debugger, after stopping, tries to read the status of each core (during the next JTAG poll cycle). 

When a core is under reset, accessing its debug registers causes the system to lock-up.

As a work-around, XSDB can be configured to disable access to a specific core, by using the following commands through the XSCT/XSDB console:

targets -set -filter {name =~ "ARM*#1"}
configparams -context $::xsdb::curtarget disable-access 1

This allows you to launch the system debugger and step through the code without the debugger trying to access core #1 while the access is disabled.

The same work-around can be used for MPSoC devices by modifying the string of the target to match with the desired processors.

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