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V2.1i COREGEN, WVO VIEWDRAW v7.53: How to integrate CORE Generator v2.1i into the Workview Office ViewDraw menu


KEYWORDS: Coregen, Viewdraw, Logiblox, menu

URGENCY: standard

This solution record explains how you can make the 2.1i CORE Generator
application (shipped in the Alliance 2.1i release) accessible from the
ViewDraw v7.53 menu.


Customizing the ViewDraw menu:

1) Go to Tools->Customize
2) In the Customize Menu, enter " Coregen" in the Menu Text field
3) Enter "<path_to_Xilinx_installation>\bin\nt\viewcore.exe" in the
Command field.
4) Enter $GUID in the Arguments field.

To invoke Coregen, select Tools->Coregen
The Coregen dialog box will appear after a delay of about 10 seconds.

Please note the following general limitations on Viewlogic simulation support:

- Xilinx does not test the VHDL and Verilog simulation models produced by
CORE Generator with the Viewlogic SpeedWave and Synopsys VCS simulators.
As a result, additional manual intervention may be required to make the models
work with these simulators.
AR# 6900
Date 06/13/2002
Status Archive
Type General Article
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