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AR# 69076

2017.x Vivado Install - Unexpected status was returned from the following post installation task(s) - Microsoft VC++ runtime libraries installation failed


I am installing Vivado 2017.1 on a Windows operating system. 

However, at the end of the installation I see the following warning:

Warning: Xilinx software was installed successfully, but an unexpected status was returned from the following post installation task(s)
Install VC++ runtime libraries for 64-bit OS: Microsoft VC++ runtime libraries installation failed.

In the Vivado install log file there is an error message similar to the following:

2017-04-19 12:09:45,338 DEBUG: p.p:? - Executing script Install VC++ runtime libraries for 64-bit OS: C:\Xilinx\2017.1\tps\win64\xvcredist.exe [-silent]
2017-04-19 12:10:00,519 DEBUG: p.p:? - Unable to run Vivado_xvcredist_64-bit_script, exit code: 1, stdout: , stderr: failure msg:
Install VC++ runtime libraries for 64-bit OS: Microsoft VC++ runtime libraries installation failed.

And when attempting to launch Vivado I get the following pop-up messages:

rdi_vivado.exe - system error
The program cannot start because api-ms-win-crt-runtime-l1-1-0.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem.


vvgl.exeThe program can't start because VCRUNTIME140.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem.


The warnings and messages are indicating that the Microsoft V++ redistributable (vcredist) libraries are not found or could not be run.

At the end of the Vivado installation, the Vivado installer runs a number of post install tasks which includes checking for the correct version and installing the vcredist if not found.

The vcredist version needed for Vivado 2017.x is 2015.

Check the Vivado install log (default location: C:\Xilinx\.xinstall\Vivado_2017.1\Xinstal.log) to see if there is additional information provided.

  • If the install log indicates that the redistributable libraries did not install correctly, was an additional reason given? (for example, permissions, file not found, etc.)
  • You can manually run the vcredist executable located at: < Install path>\tps\win64\ vcredist_x64.exe

Check to see if the vcredist dlls have already been installed

  • When correctly installed by Vivado, the vcredist DLL libraries should exist under the C:\Windows\System32 directory
  • There will also be a copy of the 2015 vcredist DLLs under <Install Path>\bin\unwrapped\win64.o\Microsoft.VC140.CRT (for example, C:\Xilinx\.xinstall\Vivado_2017.1\bin\unwrapped\win64.o\Microsoft.VC140.CRT)
Run vivado.bat directly (Not from the startup menu)

  • Starting Vivado from the Windows start menu will launch a tool named vvgl.exe which launches Vivado. 
    Vvgl.exe has a dependency on a Microsoft redistributable library (VCRUNTIME140.dll). 
    If no redistributable libraries are installed then calling vivado.bat directly will allow execution of the redistributable installer (i.e. No dependency on vcredist, that are seen with vvgl).

Check the Windows PATH variable

  • If all of the vcredist DLLs found under the Vivado install exist in the C:\Windows\System32 directory, make sure that the C:\Windows\System32 directory is included in the PATH.
  • In some cases users have corrected the missing vcredist DLL issue by manually copying the DLLs from the C:\Xilinx\.xinstall\Vivado_2017.1\bin\unwrapped\win64.o\Microsoft.VC140.CRT directory to an existing location pointed to by the PATH variable (C:\Windows\System32 directory is recommended)

Is a Reboot required?

  • If the 2015 Microsoft redistributables have been installed correctly, but this is the first time that this version of Microsoft redistributables has been installed on your machine, a system reboot might be required.

Bypassing the vcredist check

  • On some machines, the check for a valid install of vcredist 2015 is failing even though it has been properly installed. We are looking into why the check fails so that this can be fixed in a future release.
    However, in this case, the check can be bypassed. To bypass the vcredist check when the 2015 version of the Microsoft redistributables has already been installed manually or by another program, set the following environment variable:


Check that you are running a supported version of Windows

For Windows 7 systems, make sure that service pack 1 (SP1) is installed. Microsoft Redistributables 2015 only works on Windows 7 SP1, not Windows 7.
For supported operating systems see: (Xilinx Answer 54242).

AR# 69076
Date 09/15/2017
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