AR# 69103


2017.1-2017.4 U-boot: spi_flash_probe_bus_cs() failed with KCU105 and AC701 QEMU


I have Booted QEMU to u-boot, then entered the following commands:

U-boot > setenv autotest pm autotest
U-boot > saveenv 

I then receive the following error:

Saving Environment to SPI Flash...

SF: unrecognized JEDEC id bytes: ff, ff, ff

Warning - spi_flash_probe_bus_cs() failed, using default environment


To fix this issue, you will need to check out the QEMU source code with the branch name "spi-cs-fixes" from the below git hub.

The work-around for this issue has been integrated into the code:

AR# 69103
Date 02/02/2018
Status Active
Type Known Issues
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