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AR# 69195

UltraScale FPGA Gen3 Integrated Block for PCI Express (Vivado 2017.1) - MWr TLP request response with stage-1 bitstream


What is the behavior of a tandem PCIe based design when only state-1 bitstream is programmed and a TLP request is received?

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There is a chance that TLP requests will be received, typically Vendor Defined Messages and Read Requests, when only stage-1 bitstream is programmed and before stage-2 is loaded.

The core returns unsupported requests (URs) for such requests.

If a Memory Write TLP is received with only stage-1 bitstream programmed, it will set the UR bit in the device status register. 

Note: In some systems it has been observed that ERR_NONFATAL is being sent.

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AR# 69195
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