AR# 6935


Install 2.1i: An unexpected error has occurred when creating Start button folder (snippet 700)


Keywords: Install, 2.1i, unexpected error, folder, start button

Urgency: Hot

General Description : When installing on Win NT, user will get an error message
after pressing return to create the folder for the start button. The error message
will state that an unexpected error has occurred, please call Xilinx Technical Support.

Another symptom is if the setup.log (or .0, .1, etc) is read, the last part of the
log will mention 'snippet 700'.


This has been seen in several computers that have Win NT
pre installed. The workaround is to put a 'path' in the 'User Variable's System

1. Go to Start=>Settings=>Control Panel
2. Double click on 'System'
3. Select the 'Environment' tab
4. Clock once inside the 'User Variables' window.
5. Make sure nothing is selected in this window.
6. Type in PATH for the variable (make sure this not the path in the 'System Variables')
7. Type in %PATH% for the value
8. Press the 'Set' button.
9. Press the 'OK' button

Now try to reinstall the software. If you are still having problems, look in the
$TEMP directory. There should be a file called setup.log (or setup.0, setup.1
etc.). Please send the exact error message and the latest (largest number)
setup file to your nearest Xilinx Support Center.
AR# 6935
Date 12/17/2001
Status Archive
Type General Article
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