AR# 69489


SDK 2017.2 - Hardware Platform Project is not updated when a new HDF file is exported


When a new HDF file is exported from Vivado to SDK in the 2017.2 release, the files within the hardware platform project are not updated properly.


This will lead users to unknowingly use a set of stale files; psx_init, mmi, and bit files while configuring.


The HDF information is also used to build the Board Support Package (BSP) and set the relevant compiler options (if using the MicroBlaze).

If this file is not updated in the hardware platform, then some of the previous settings might be lost in the update process.

For example, one common issue could be that the stdin and stdout properties are modified from the default UART values to coresight.



This is a known issue for the SDK 2017.2 release and there are two available work-arounds.

  1. SDK plugin patch (rw/wr permission to the installation folder is required)
  2. Manual workaround

SDK plugin patch:

  1. Extract the patch folder in your local machine
  2. Open a File explorer and go to the SDK plugins location (<SDK installation folder>/eclipse/win64.0/plugins)
  3. Delete the following plugins:
    • com.xilinx.sdk.cmdline_%
    • com.xilinx.sdk.hw.sync_%
    • com.xilinx.sdk.hw_%
    • com.xilinx.sdk.startup_%
  4. Copy the new plugins in the patch folder into the SDK plugin location

Note: % here is the timestamp of the plugin.

Manual workaround:

As a work-around, the HDF container can be manually opened from XSCT.

  1. Open an XSCT console (Select Xilinx Tools -> XSCT Console).
  2. Change directory to within the Hardware Platform project.
  3. Open the design with the following command:
  1. Close the hardware design:
hsi::close_hw_design [hsi::current_hw_design]

For example:


You will see the container files updated:


This can also be achieved from the Vivado Tcl console:


You will also need to check if your Board Support Package (BSP) settings have been updated as expected.

To view the BSP settings, right click on the BSP in Project explorer and select Board Support Package settings.


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