AR# 69612

40G/50G Ethernet Subsystem v2.2 - 2017.2 and earlier - AN/LT - Update needed for intermittent link up if using Auto-Negotiation and Link Training


If you are using Auto-Negotiation and Link Training with the 40G/50G Ethernet Subsystem in Vivado 2017.2 or earlier, an update is needed to resolve the following issues.

These issues can result in intermittent link-up or failure to complete Auto-Negotiation:

  • AN/LT timeout value can be less than 500ms
  • Changes needed to the GT reset control logic.
  • Removal of multi-cycle AN/LT constraints from XDC required

For the third item, users might have multi-cycle constraints copied from an earlier version of the example design XDC that they will need to remove from their user XDC files.

All of the multi-cycle constraints for AN/LT should be removed.


Installation Instruction :

This update is a design repository for Vivado 2017.2. To install please refer to the attached l_ethernet_v2_2_ANLTupdates_Read_Me file.

These issues will be fixed in the v2.3 release of the core in Vivado 2017.3.


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AR# 69612
Date 08/11/2017
Status Active
Type General Article