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HDMI Transmitter (TX) Subsystem v2.0 - HDMI IP Example Design - Why are some audio blocks and a HDCP block assigned to 512 Mb address spaces automatically?


The blocks below will be given an undesirable 512Mb address space, if the user does an un-map of the system and then does an auto assign:

  • Audio Blocks, including ACR and pattern generation block
  • HDCP Key management block (HDCP 1.4 option is enabled)

How do I resolve this problem?


This is a known issue in the current HDMI example design, and will be fixed in a future release.

Once the design is un-mapped, they can fix the problem by using the following Tcl commands:

create_bd_addr_seg -range 0x00010000 -offset 0x90000000 [get_bd_addr_spaces zynq_us_ss_0/zynq_us/Data] [get_bd_addr_segs audio_ss_0/aud_pat_gen/axi/reg0] SEG_aud_pat_gen_reg0
create_bd_addr_seg -range 0x00010000 -offset 0x84000000 [get_bd_addr_spaces zynq_us_ss_0/zynq_us/Data] [get_bd_addr_segs hdcp_keymngmt_blk_0/s_axi/reg0] SEG_hdcp_keymngmt_blk_0_reg0
create_bd_addr_seg -range 0x00010000 -offset 0x82000000 [get_bd_addr_spaces zynq_us_ss_0/zynq_us/Data] [get_bd_addr_segs hdcp_keymngmt_blk_1/s_axi/reg0] SEG_hdcp_keymngmt_blk_1_reg0
create_bd_addr_seg -range 0x00010000 -offset 0x88000000 [get_bd_addr_spaces zynq_us_ss_0/zynq_us/Data] [get_bd_addr_segs audio_ss_0/hdmi_acr_ctrl/axi/reg0] SEG_hdmi_acr_ctrl_reg0

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AR# 69821
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