AR# 69831


Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoC: How do I set the QSPI device frequency?


The Vivado IP Integrator GUI is used to configure the QSPI reference clock, which is the clock to the internal QSPI controller in the Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoC.

How do I set the QSPI device frequency?


To set the external QSPI device clock, there is a divider that is set in the FSBL in xfsbl_qspi.c. 

The pre-scaler divider uses the QSPI reference clock as a source and the range of divider values are defined in xqspipsu.h. Values range from divide by 2 to divide by 256.

The default divider in xfsbl_qspi.c is XQSPIPSU_CLK_PRESCALE_8, which is a divide by 8.

The default QSPI device clock is 200 MHz, and the default FSBL will provide a QSPI device clock of 25 MHz.

If a faster QSPI device clock is desired, please make sure that all QSPI connection guidelines are followed as described in (UG1085) and (UG583).

AR# 69831
Date 04/06/2018
Status Active
Type General Article
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