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AR# 70018

2017.4 Vivado - I am unable to change the board part of an existing project


I have a project using Vivado 2017.3 or 2017.4 that targets a custom board part.


I would like to target a new board_part but it does not appear in the board part options for the current project.

I have included a "set_param board.repoPaths" statement in my .Xilinx/Vivado/Vivado_init.tcl script and can see in the message window that this file is read.

I have created the board.xml, part0_pins.xml and preset.xml files in the folder specified by the above set_param statement.

I do see the board part if I create a new project or if I try to change the target device of one of the Vivado example projects.


The property BOARD_PART_REPO_PATHS saves the repository paths to project file.

There is a problem with the flow that will not allow a new board repository to be added for a project that already has this property set (The property in the project file overwrites the property added in the vivado_init.tcl file).

There are two ways to work around this issue.

Option one:

Run the following script (adjusted to the board you will be adding). 

This will allow you the get the custom board parts when you open the project.

set customBoardParts ./zcu102_board_files_v1.5
set_param board.repoPaths $customBoardParts
set x [join [get_board_parts *zcu*1.5] \n] 
puts $x
open_project proj_name.xpr
set_property BOARD_PART_REPO_PATHS $customBoardParts [current_project]
set y [join [get_board_parts *zcu*1.5] \n]
puts $y

Option two:

Open the .xpr file in a text editor and edit the current location of the board repository. Then reopen the project.

This issue will be fixed in the Vivado 2018.1 release.

AR# 70018
Date 12/21/2017
Status Active
Type General Article
  • Vivado Design Suite - 2017.3
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