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AR# 70038

Vivado - pwd command incorrectly returns C:\ (root directory) after changing directory from another drive (cd C:)


The "pwd" Tcl command is designed to return the absolute path of the current working directory.

However, if I change directory (CD) from another drive using the command "cd c:" pwd returns "C:/" no matter where the current working directory is.

For example:

  1. the Vivado Tcl console is open and the current working directory (CWD) is C:/test
  2. I run the command "cd H:/proj" to do work on the H: drive
  3. Then I CD back to the C: drive using the "cd C:" command and Vivado correctly goes back to the C:/test directory.
  4. If I then run "pwd", the command returns "C:/" (This is incorrect)
  5. If I run "cd test", I get the message below:

couldn't change working directory to "test": no such file or directory


To avoid or correct this problem, CD to an absolute path (for example, C:/test) when changing from one drive to another in the Tcl console.

AR# 70038
Date 12/21/2017
Status Active
Type General Article
  • Vivado Design Suite
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