AR# 7006


Foundation1.5is2,FPGAExpress3.1: How to get report of synthesis result in Foundation HDL macros


Keywords: synthesis result for macros, HDL macros

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
In Foundation standard with Express package (FND-EXP),
the tool will report synthesis result such as Primitive reference
count in HDL flow (top level HDL) only. How do you get report
of synthesis result of your HDL macro in a schematic design ?


1) In HDL editor click on
Synthesis -> Options, and check on the box next to "Show Constraint Editor"

2) After synthesizing your module as a macro, you can find the report of the synthesis result as :

E.G., If your project name is "test" and the module name
is "bla" the report file will be

test\DPMCOMP.TMP\chips\bla_OPT\bla_OPT.trt file.

NOTE: The trt file is generated only when you specify to show the
constraint editor. Thus FND-BSX package do not have this feature.
AR# 7006
Date 06/13/2002
Status Archive
Type General Article
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