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JESD204 v7.2 and JESD204 PHY v4.0 - Patch update for JESD204 core in Vivado 2017.3 to enable GTY selection for XCZU19EG-FFVD1760 devices


This Answer Record contains a patch update for JESD204 v7.2 and JESD204 PHY v4.0 to enable GTY selection for XCZU19EG-FFVD1760.

This patch is compatible with Vivado 2017.3.

The patch will no longer be needed in Vivado 2017.4 and later versions.


JESD204 v7.2 and JESD204 PHY v4.0 Patch

Patch Installation:

  1. Navigate to the $XILINX_VIVADO/patches directory (create this directory if it does not exist).
    (See (Xilinx Answer 60154) for steps to set your XILINX_VIVADO environment variable so that it points to your Xilinx installation).
  2. Extract the contents of the ".zip" archive to a directory there, and call the directory AR70144.
    Note: most extraction tools will allow you to automatically create a directory with the same name as the zip file.
  3. Run Vivado software tools from the original install location.

Fixed Issues:

  • GTY selection is not allowed for XCZU19EG-FFVD1760 for JESD204 core and JESD204 PHY in 2017.3
  • 2us pulse on CPLL_PD_IN (as described in Xilinx Answer 70023)


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AR# 70144
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