AR# 7015


Foundation 1.5is2 - error : cannot find pcmdos.pif make sure this file exists...


Keywords : fndtn, pcmdis, project, manager, foundation, simulator

Urgency: standard

Problem Description : When the simulator button is pressed, a dialogue box appears and gives the following error message:

cannot find pcmdos.pif. make sure this file exists and that the path is correct.


This is a result of a missing file in the c:\fndtn\active\exe directory. There should be a shortcut to a msdos program. This shortcut is called pcmdos. The shortcut has an extension .pif

If this file does not exists, create one by copying another msdos shortcut and renaming the file to be pcmdos. Then edit the properties of the shortcut and click on the program tab. Call the title pcmdos.

Then specify PCMDOS.BAT as the program name. do not include any directory structures. Use this program name even though it may not exist.
Once the file is created, foundation will be back to normal.
AR# 7015
Date 03/07/2002
Status Archive
Type General Article
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