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2017.3 LogiCORE IP MIPI D-PHY v4.0 - Patch Updates for the MIPI D-PHY v4.0


This answer record contains patch updates for the MIPI D-PHY v4.0.


This patch fixes the following issue in the LogiCORE IP MIPI D-PHY 4.0 generated from the Vivado 2017.3 design tools.

  • Patch Rev1 - (Xilinx Answer 70196) - LogiCORE IP MIPI D-PHY v4.0 - On 7 Series Devices, High-Speed Lanes are unconnected in the synthesized design with Auto Calibration Auto and external IDELAYCTRL
  • Patch Rev2 - Not Released
  • Patch Rev3 - (Xilinx Answer 70591) - LogiCORE IP MIPI D-PHY v4.0 - Can we changes IDELAY tap values on the fly for MIPI D-PHY IP v4.0 ? (IP targeting 7 Series devices)

See the individual Answer Record for details on which release the issue is fixed in.

Patch Installation:

Install the patch as per the instructions in the included README.txt file to resolve this issue.


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AR# 70195
Date 04/09/2018
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