AR# 7031


ngdbuild 1.5isp2, 2.1i: basnb:79, basnu:93, basnu:115, Ngdhelper:312, Ngdhelper:335, Ngdbuild:79


Keywords: basnb, basnu, ngdhelper, ngdbuild, 79, 93, 115, 312, 336, 79

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
Mixed schematic/vhdl produces and incorrect netlist with
the following errors in translate:

ERROR:NgdBuild:76 (pin mismatch errors)
ERROR:NgdHelpers:312 (unexpanded errors)
ERROR:NgdHelpers:336 (active and tristate driver errors)

ERROR:basnb:79 (pin mismatch errors)
ERROR:basnu:93 (unexpanded errors)
ERROR:basnu:115 (active and tristate driver errors)

1. Double click on the macro to get the 'Symbol Properties' window.
2. Select the 'Pin Parameters' button.
3. Notice that there is a '1' appended to the port name.


Delete the macro from the schematic and place
another one (same macro) from the library. The
pin parameters should be correct now.
AR# 7031
Date 06/13/2002
Status Archive
Type General Article
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