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DisplayPort RX/TX Subsystem - Why can the example design integrated in Vivado not be built on Windows?


When I try to generate the Application Example Design for the DisplayPort IP on Windows OS, the compilation stops with errors.

There are also a few warnings about exceeding 260-char path length.

What is the issue here? How can I resolve it?


This is a tool issue. A long path is being created to the example project's project directory, which exceeds the windows limit. 

You can work around it by following the steps below:

  1. Generate the example design in Windows. Vivado should build the block design before erroring out.
  2. In the Tcl console enter the command below: (<path> is the path to a known directory)

write_bd_tcl <path>/bd.tcl

  1. Open this bd.tcl file generated with a test editor
  2. Find the following line:

variable design_name
set design_name dp_tx_subsystem_0_design_synth

  1. Change these lines to the following:

variable design_name
set design_name dp_tx

  1. Create a new project with a short name (for example, dp_tx) in a directory close to the root directory
  2. Source the bd.tcl file from the Tcl console:

source bd.tcl

  1. Add the XDC file located in the "import" folder in the generated example design directory
  2. Generate the BD output product, BD wrapper, and the bitstream

Note: the path length of the example design project will be reduced in the 2018.3 release. The user will just need to select a short directory to build the example design into.

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AR# 70328
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