AR# 707


FITNET will not use PIN 1 (MR) even if MRINPUT=ON was specified in Viewlogic


The fitter may report insufficient pin resources, or that an input pin
cannot be placed on PIN 1 (MR), even if the MRINPUT=ON attribute was
placed on the Viewlogic schematic.


WIR2XNF will not place the MRINPUT=ON attribute (or any global attribute
except PART) into the XNF file if it is placed on the schematic as an
unattached attribute.

The MRINPUT=ON attribute must be placed on a schematic component that
will appear in the XNF file. This includes all library components except pads
(including the sheet borders and the TBLOCK symbol).
AR# 707
Date 10/01/2008
Status Archive
Type General Article
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