AR# 70915

Long Form Answer Record (LFAR): Eye Qualification with GT Debugger


The IBERT core is designed for evaluating and monitoring the transceivers.

Eye Scan provides a picture of the serial signal error distribution.

  • How can I determine whether the quality of the signal is good or bad?
  • How can I judge from the eye scan if the signal has enough margin?


This Long Form Answer Record helps to build a new tool dedicated to automatic eye qualification, combining IBERT with GT_DEBUGGER (XAPP1322 and XAPP1295).

Note: igd_eyescan.tcl provided in this Answer Record is a new release of the eyescan. Please replace the old file in the gt_debugger directory.

Revision History:

06/18/2018 - Initial Release


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AR# 70915
Date 06/18/2018
Status Active
Type General Article
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