AR# 70951


Queue DMA subsystem for PCI Express (Vivado 2018.1) - Gen3x16 configuration incorrectly enabled in the core generation GUI for -1,-1L,-1LV,-2LV devices


Version Found: v1.0

Version Resolved and other Known Issues: (Xilinx Answer 70927)

When selecting -1, -1L, -1LV, -2LV devices, the tool incorrectly allows you to generate a Queue DMA subsystem for PCI Express IP for Gen3 x16 configuration. 

Gen3 x16 configuration is not supported for -1, -1L, -1LV, -2LV devices.

Currently, only -3, -3 -2L devices are supported.

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(Xilinx Answer 34536)Xilinx Solution Center for PCI Express


This is a known issue and will be fixed in a future release of the core.

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04/17/2018 - Initial release

AR# 70951
Date 04/18/2018
Status Active
Type Known Issues
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