AR# 71025


2018.1 Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoC - PMUFW: Reboot fails after Power On Suspend wakeup


Reboot fails after wakeup from Power On Suspend.

The PS-only reboot is working as expected but the APU-only reboot hangs at "Rebooting... [ 60.985222] reboot: Restarting system"

There are two separate issues:

Issue 1:

In POS (Power on Suspend) enabled code, the FSBL is waiting for a signal from the PMUFW during boot-up. The PMUFW sends the signal to the FSBL when the PMUFW boots up.

In the case of APU only reset, the PMUFW does not reboot and it does not send any signal to the FSBL. So the FSBL waits forever and cannot boot further.

Issue 2:

If the user powers down the PLD (PL Domain) and reboots (in system mode) then the PLD will not be powered up during the slave reset function.

After the reboot, the FSBL tries to load the bitstream, but the PL is in power down mode.

This causes the board to hang.


Attached to this answer record are patches to resolve both issues.


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AR# 71025
Date 04/23/2018
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