AR# 71038


2018.1 Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoC: OpenAMP FreeRTOS applications changes in embeddedsw


There have been a number of changes made to the FreeRTOS application source files in the embeddedsw repository. 

These changes will be available with the 2018.2 release.

In order to use the changes made with the 2018.1 release, please apply the patch files in the attachments.

The changes made are listed below.

  1. The buffer functions in matrix_multiply.c have been removed as they are unused.
  2. In echo_test.c, matrix_multiply.c, and rpc_demo.c the exception disable has been removed.
  3. In echo_test.c, matrix_multiply.c, and rpc _demo.c the while loop has been changed to replace while(1) asm wfi with while(1) so that the application is not tied to ARM.


The patch files are attached to this Answer Record.

To apply the patches, use the commands below:

git clone -b release-2018.1
cd embeddedsw/
git am 0001-openamp-matrix-multiply-FreeRTOS-Remove-buffer-funct.patch
git am 0001-openamp-apps-FreeRTOS-remove-exception-disable.patch 
git am 0001-openamp-apps-FreeRTOS-change-while-loop.patch


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AR# 71038
Date 04/23/2018
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