AR# 71078

2017.x Zynq-7000 - Embedded Linux: UBI ECC error on S34ML02G1


The UBI read command is failing the S34ML02G1 flash on Zynq-7000 with the following error:

[    1.637859] ubi0 warning: ubi_io_read: error -74 (ECC error) while reading 64 bytes from PEB 0:0, read only 64 bytes, retry

In Linux, there is an issue with the ECC code stored in the OOB area.

U-boot appears to be using the correct number of bytes for ECC, 12 bytes in position 52-63 of the OOB section, however Linux only uses 3 bytes in position 52-54.



The attached patch will resolve this issue.


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AR# 71078
Date 05/08/2018
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