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DMA / Bridge Subsystem for PCI Express (Bridge Mode - Vivado 2017.4) - AXIBAR and AXIBAR_HIGHADDR are set incorrectly in IP Integrator design resulting in DECERR during 64-bit S_AXI access


Version Found: v4.0 (Rev1)

Version Resolved and other Known Issues: (Xilinx Answer 65443)

I am using the DMA / Bridge Subsystem for PCI Express in Bridge mode in an IP Integrator design.

Address Read and Write requests (AR/AW) on an AXIBAR, with a low and high address assigned in the upper 64-bit address range, return a decode error (DECERR).

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The issue is due to the IP Integrator environment causing the IP to mismatch addresses from the Address Manager S_AXI_BAR address settings.

To work around this issue, use only addresses in the 32-bit addressing space for all AXI BARs associated with the DMA/Bridge Subsystem for PCI Express.

If an address in the 64-bit space is needed, revert to 2017.3 or upgrade to 2018.1. This issue is seen only in Vivado 2017.4.

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AR# 71095
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