AR# 71102


2016.4-2018.1 PetaLinux: Kernel configuration's dependencies are not pulled properly when we use external source with kernel


In PetaLinux 2016.4-2018.1 when you use an external kernel source in petalinux-config options, all of the kernel configuration dependencies are not pulled in properly when the Linux kernel bitbake do_configure task is executed.

With a kernel external source, the configuration flow is as follows:

  1. kernel do_configure (make oldconfig )
  2. update cfg's
  3. do_configure (make oldconfig)

This causes dependencies in cfgs' to be configured incorrectly as they are already passed in step 1.


This issue occurs when there is additional configuration on top of the default one.

In the remote/git flow, the step is not done. 

Setting the KERNEL_CONFIG_COMMAND to NULL skips step 1 and it becomes inline with the remote/git flow.

To fix this issue, add the below python function to <plnx-proj-root>/project-spec/meta-user/recipes-kernel/linux/linux-xlnx_%.bbappend

python __anonymous () {
    if (d.getVar("EXTERNALSRC")) :
        d.setVar("KERNEL_CONFIG_COMMAND", '')


  1. Maintain indentation for the Python function.
  2. SCC's will not work in external source mode.
AR# 71102
Date 05/18/2018
Status Active
Type General Article
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