AR# 7127


2.1i INSTALL, COREGEN: "ERROR: Error opening preference file <install_dir>/coregen/preferences/coregen_<username>.prf"


Keywords: install, coregen, preferences

Urgency: hot

General Description:
Incorrectly set permissions on the $XILINX/coregen/tmp and
$XILINX/coregen/preferences directories in the 2.1i release
are the cause of this problem. The permissions are supposed to be
set to 777 by the install, but are not. The problem will most often be
seen on workstations since it is more common to have multiple users using
the same installation of software in a networked workstation environment.

1. As a result of the incorrect permissions on the preferences directory,
Coregen issues the following error when you exit the application:

"ERROR: Error opening user preference file

and the user's preference settings do not get recorded in the preferences
directory. The known.prj file (which records the locations of all known
projects) in the same directory also will not be recorded. However,
CORE Generator modules can still be generated.

2. The incorrect permissions on the tmp directory prevents the coregen.log
file from being written out to $XILINX/coregen/tmp. (This applies only to PC



Change the permissions on the $XILINX/coregen/preferences and
$XILINX/coregen/tmp directories to 777.

If setting the permissions in this manner is undesirable, the person
who installs the CORE Generator software at a minimum must
start up the CORE Generator immediately after completing an installation
to allow it to generate the resources.lib file (resources.lib contains a
summary of the cores included in the installation). The same person
must also start up CORE Generator immediately after each new IP update is
installed to allow the CORE Generator to update this same file.

The repercussions of not assigning 777 permissions to the
$XILINX/coregen/preferences directory are that :

1. The preferences for each individual user will not be recorded from run to
run in a coregen_<username>.prf file in $XILINX/coregen/preferences.
This currently means that there will be no record of the last project opened
by each user.

2. It will not be possible for Coregen to write to the list of known projects
created by all users, so pre-existing projects you have already created will
not be known to Coregen.
AR# 7127
Date 08/01/2001
Status Archive
Type General Article
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