AR# 71371


Design Advisory for UltraScale+ GTH GTY I, M and Q grade - Data errors are occasionally seen on extreme temperature ramps


For I, M and Q grade parts, when the QPLL0 is locked at low temperature Tm and ramped up to high Temperature Tn, if Tn-Tm > 110 degrees C, data errors can occur.

This problem will not occur if the temperature ramp Tn - Tm is less than 110 degrees C and it is not dependent on the ramp rate.

This does not impact QPLL1 or CPLL based designs.


Updating QPLL0 attributes will fix this issue. 

For GTH, Q- and M-Grade devices in production at the time of this Design Advisory (ZU4EV and ZU5EV only), this issue will be resolved in the UltraScale+ FPGAs Transceivers Wizard release for Vivado version 2018.2.1.  

Other GTH and all GTY Q- and M-Grade devices will go into production in 2018.2.1 and later versions and as a result are not affected by this Design Advisory.

For GTH and GTY I-Grade only, this issue will be resolved in the UltraScale+ FPGAs Transceivers Wizard release for Vivado 2018.2.2.  

Until then, changing to the following attribute settings will fix this issue:

  • QPLL0_CFG2[15:11] =  5'b10000
  • QPLL0_CFG2_G3[15:11] =  5'b10000

A Tcl script is attached to this Answer Record that will assist in making these setting changes to the I grade parts for Vivado Versions prior to 2018.2.2. 

Unzip the file and follow the instructions in the ReadMe.txt to make these changes.


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AR# 71371
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