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DMA Subsystem for PCI Express - Driver and IP Debug Guide


This answer record provides the DMA Subsystem for PCI Express - Driver and IP Debug Guide in a downloadable PDF to enhance its usability.

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The document attached to this answer record provides tips and techniques for debugging XDMA IP issues. 

As an introduction, an overview of the XDMA architecture is provided along with its working mechanism.

For more details, users are advised to check the XDMA IP product guide (PG195). 

The end of this document includes details on how the XDMA IP legacy drivers work (provided in (Xilinx Answer 65444)).

This section has been introduced to provide users with knowledge of the working mechanism of the drivers.

If advanced debugging is required, it is advised to add printf statements at different points in the provided driver source to narrow down the source of the issue.

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