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AR# 71547

2018.2.2 Vivado - Vivado 2018.2 Update 2 (2018.2.2) Release Notes and Known Issues


This answer record serves as the Vivado 2018.2 tool update 2 (2018.2.2) Release Notes, and contains links to information about what is included in the update.


The Vivado 2018.2 tool update 2 (2018.2.2) addresses the following issues:

Vivado 2018.2 Update 2 provides:

Production Devices:

Zynq UltraScale+ Defense Grade (XQ) (-1M) devices:


For customers using these devices, Xilinx recommends installing Vivado 2018.2.2.

For other devices, please continue to use Vivado 2018.2 or 2018.2.1.

Downloading and installing the Vivado 2018.2 update 2 (2018.2.2)

  • The update is available at: https://www.xilinx.com/download
  • It must be applied to an existing installation of either 2018.2 (SW Build 2258646) or Vivado 2018.2.1 (SW Build 2288692), and will bring the Vivado version to 2018.2.2.

Known Issues specific to Vivado 2018.2 update 2 (2018.2.2)

(Xilinx Answer 71598) - 2018.2.2 Install - Cannot update if disk space available is less than required size by update

AR# 71547
Date 10/03/2018
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