AR# 71600


2018.2.2 SDx - SDx 2018.2 Update 2 (2018.2.2) Known Issues


This answer record serves as the Vivado 2018.2 tool update 2 (2018.2.2) Known issues, and contains links to information about their known workarounds.


Known Issues
CR NumberTitleVersion Found
CR-1012269SDSoC Emulator does not run when launching emulator first and then attaching debug to it2018.2.2

Users may experience a crash if they create an SDx application with zcu102 Linux configuration, build, then launch emulator using debug as. 

When creating an SDx application, users must start the emulator first then launch Debug As to prevent a crash. 

AR# 71600
Date 10/03/2018
Status Active
Type Release Notes
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