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UltraScale+ PCI Express Integrated Block (Vivado 2018.2) - pcie_rq_tag_vld1 behavior in Internal Tag Management mode when straddle option is disabled


In a design with "Internal Tag Management" enabled and the straddling option disabled, pcie_rq_tag_vld1 is asserted when consecutive reads are initiated on the s_axis_rq_* interface.

However, the IP product guide (PG213) seems to indicate it should not be asserted with the following statement:

"When the Straddle option is disabled, only pcie_rq_tag_vld0 is used."

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The statement provided in (PG213) is not correct. (PG213) will be updated with the following statement in the next release of the document.

"Use of pcie_rq_tag_vld0 & pcie_rq_tag_vld1 are orthogonal to whether the 'Straddle' option is enabled. The PCIe core could use either of the vld0/vld1 ports to showcase the valid tags".

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AR# 71732
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