AR# 71746


Zynq UltraScale+ RFSoC: RF Analyzer Known Issues and Limitations


The 2019.1 release of the RF Analyzer has a number of Known Issues and Limitations to be aware of:

  • There are Capture and Playback Size Limitations.
  • Fabric Data Width Considerations.
  • Multiband Support.

This Answer Record outlines these issues and proposes some work-arounds.


Capture and Playback Size Limitations:

The number of samples is limited to 16384 in Real mode, 16384 in I/Q mode for ADC 4Gsps , and 8192 in I/Q mode for DAC and 2Gsps ADC.

Increased sample size and the capability to make a selection is planned for future release.

Calibration freeze is not supported

There is no option to freeze the calibration in the RF Analyzer GUI. 

Support for this will be added in a future release.

Fabric Data Width

Fabric widths of 1, 2, 4, 8, and 16 are supported, all others can be used but decimation/interpolation/Real/Complex cannot be changed.

Multiband Support:

Multiband is not supported if the IP was configured in Multiband.

Potential Work-around:

Using the pre-built bitstreams, multiband can be used.

AR# 71746
Date 05/29/2019
Status Active
Type General Article
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