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Alveo Data Center Accelerator Card - Known Issues and General Information


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Xilinx Forums:

Please seek technical support via the Alveo Data Center Accelerator Cards Board. The Xilinx Forums are a great resource for technical support. 

The entire Xilinx Community is available to help here, and you can ask questions and collaborate with Xilinx experts to get the solutions you need.


General Information

The Alveo Data Center Accelerator Card is primarily released as an Acceleration Deployment and Development device.

In support of this, the primary environment for Deployment and Development on the card is Xilinx Runtime and the Xilinx Vitis Development environment.

For any Known Issues, Design Assistance, and Revision History specific to the Xilinx Runtime for Alveo Data Center Accelerator Cards, please see (Xilinx Answer 71628).


Supported Devices

  • Alveo Data Center Accelerator Card U200
  • Alveo Data Center Accelerator Card U250
  • Alveo Data Center Accelerator Card U280
  • Alveo Data Center Accelerator Card U50

Known Issues

Answer RecordTitle
(Xilinx Answer 75163)Alveo U50 Master Release Notes
(Xilinx Answer 75172)Alveo U200 Master Release Notes
(Xilinx Answer 75180)Alveo U250 Master Release Notes
(Xilinx Answer 75183)Alveo U280 Master Release Notes


Recommended Design and Debug Assistance Articles

Table 1: General Articles

Answer RecordTitle
(Xilinx Answer 71446)Alveo Data Center Accelerator Card - Link Up Issue with Dell 5810/20, 7810/20, 7910/20 Systems
(Xilinx Answer 72298)Alveo Data Center Accelerator Card - !CAUTION! Do not use EPS12V / ATX12V power source in place of PCI Express Auxiliary Power connector

Highlighted Known Issues

This section highlights installation or basic tool / functionality Answer Records that can be found in the Xilinx Runtime or Platform interactions.

Please review all associated known issues for both XRT and the appropriate Acceleration Platform, but Answer Records highlighted here should be considered to be of high importance.


Answer RecordTitleVersion FoundVersion Resolved
(Xilinx Answer 73440)Alveo Data Center Accelerator Cards with XRT - "1 card found, 0 usable"xrt_201920_2.3.1301 
(Xilinx Answer 73055)Alveo Data Center Accelerator Card - Ubuntu 18.04 - XRT installation fails or xbutil validate failsxrt_201920_2.3.1301_18_04 


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