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Why do I get the error "ERROR: [HLS 200-101] 'add_files': Too many positional arguments specified." when using HLS Based Video IPs


I am using a HLS based video IP in my design (for example, Test Pattern Generator (TPG), Video Processing Subsystem (VPSS), Video Mixer...). 

The output product generation fails for this specific IP. 

If I check the log file corresponding to this specific IP, I can see the following error:

ERROR: [HLS 200-101] 'add_files': Too many positional arguments specified.

What is the reason for this error?


This error can happen if there is an unexpected character in the project path (for example, white spaces, Non-English standard characters, Backslashes).

Users can solve this issue by renaming the project path to avoid unexpected characters.

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AR# 71759
Date 12/18/2018
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