AR# 71823


Soft-Decision FEC (SDFEC) v1.1 (Rev 1) - Simulation only example design generates incorrect stimulus on Windows OS


When I select 5G mode, and simulate the example design on a Windows machine, it fails to complete the simulation. 

What can cause this problem?


This is a known issue in Soft-Decision FEC (SDFEC) v1.1, which will be fixed in Vivado 2019.1.

It occurs when a 5G simulation only example design is generated on a Windows OS.

Users can use a Linux machine to work around this problem.

For Vivado 2018.3 on a Windows OS, user can download the SDFEC patch from (Xilinx Answer 71873) to work around this issue.

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AR# 71823
Date 01/10/2019
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