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Radio over Ethernet Framer - Release Notes and Known Issues for Vivado 2018.3 and newer tool versions Article


This answer record contains the Release Notes and Known Issues for the Radio over Ethernet (RoE) Framer LogiCORE IP and includes the following:

  • General Information
  • Known and Resolved Issues
  • Revision History

This Release Notes and Known Issues Answer Record is for the core generated in Vivado 2018.3 and newer tool versions.

Radio over Ethernet (RoE) Framer LogiCORE IP Page

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General Information

Supported devices can be found in the following three locations:

Demonstration Designs

ZCU102, ZCU111 are supported in hardware demostration Designs.
Board BSP, Linux driver and software applications are available onv

Version Table

This table correlates the core version to the first Vivado design tools release version in which it was included.

RoE IP VersionVivado VersionVivado IP Change Log
v3.02020.1(Xilinx Answer 73626)
v2.12019.2(Xilinx Answer 72923)
v2.02019.1(Xilinx Answer 72242)
v1.02018.3(Xilinx Answer 71806)


General Guidance:

The table below provides Answer Records for general guidance when using the Radio over Ethernet Framer


Article NumberArticle Title
(Xilinx Answer 72466)How to generate a simulation example design that contains both 10G/25G High Speed Ethernet Subsystem and the RoE Framer?


Known and Resolved Issues:

Answer RecordTitleVersion FoundVersion Resolved
(Xilinx Answer 73556)Why the Ethernet Packet Size is larger than "Maximum length of Ethernet Packets" setting in IP GUI?v2.1v3.0
(Xilinx Answer 72429)Radio over Ethernet Framer v2.0 - The production status in Vivado 2019.1 is incorrectv2.0v2.1


Revision History

04/01/2020Added (Xilinx Answer 73556)
07/12/2019Added (Xilinx Answer 72466)
06/05/2019Added (Xilinx Answer 72429)
12/14/2018Initial Release

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