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Foundation 2.1i install: FileCopier.AddCable error


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General Description:

While installing F2.1i, you may get the following error:

Setup failed while processing the
FileCopier.AddCable task. The
reported error was Problems when
copying E:/bin/nt/windrvr.sys
Press OK to clean up partially installed



This error has also been seen when trying to install Foundation 2.1i after installing the
latest version of the WebPack.

Removing the WebPack and its registry entries enabled the successful install of F2.1i.


This error may occur when previous F1.5i install has not
been cleanly uninstalled. Uninstall F1.5i. Reboot. Then
reinstall F2.1i.

Also, make sure you have an admin privilege.


p200, 128mb ram, winNTsp5

Customer gets the same error reported in 7187. Followed the solution and the error continues.
F1.5 does not exist and WebPack was completely removed by using the registry editor.
Deleted Web Pack from the registry and at the top level. Error still occurs.
Some sort of corruption while removing Web Pack.

1. Reinstall WebPack
2. Remove Webpack cleanly (thru Add/Remove Programs).
3. Fnd2.1i installs correctly.
AR# 7187
Date 03/12/2002
Status Archive
Type General Article
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